Lancer L5 AR-15 223/5.56 30-Round Advanced Warfighter Magazine Translucent Smoke

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Lancer embarked on a mission to create an improved 5.56 magazine, aiming for the sturdiness of steel coupled with the lightness and resilience of polymer materials. The result is the L5 Advanced Warfighter Magazine (AWM®). This magazine is unique in its design, featuring a robust steel feed lip assembly integrated into a specially formulated polymer body, complete with detailed texturing. This fusion creates a magazine that's exceptionally durable, meeting the rigorous demands of military, law enforcement, and competitive shooting.

The L5AWM is versatile, functioning seamlessly with a range of firearms including M4/M16/AR15, SCAR16, HK416, ARX160, SIG556, ARC, SIG MCX, IWI Tavor, IWI X95, SA80, and is suitable for 5.56x45mm / .223 Remington calibers. Proudly designed, engineered, produced, and put together in the USA.

Enhanced Strength and Dependability

  • Specially formulated polymer construction ensures superior toughness, performing flawlessly in temperatures ranging from -40F to +180F
  • Reinforced steel feed lips maintain shape and integrity under rigorous use and long-term storage
  • Polymer material of the body is resistant to impacts and chemicals, surpassing or meeting military test requirements
  • Advanced non-tilt follower with a stainless steel spring supports storage with loaded magazines without impairing functionality

Augmented Combat Preparedness

  • Certain models feature see-through magazine bodies, facilitating quick checks before training sessions
  • Streamlines the process of verifying ammo levels during and between training activities

Heightened Safety and Operational Efficiency

  • Minimizes firearm jams, ensuring more consistent reliability
  • Transparent design enables swift recognition of the type of ammunition loaded
  • Enhances awareness of ammo count during reloading procedures

NSN: 1005-01-657-7839