AR15 Adjstable Stock Reduced Recoil Butt Pad

Poly Technologies
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Enhance your shooting experience with the AR15 Adjustable Stock Reduced Recoil Butt Pad from PolyTech. Designed to provide superior comfort and reduce recoil, this butt pad is a must-have accessory for AR15 rifle owners.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the AR15 Adjustable Stock Reduced Recoil Butt Pad offers a customizable fit and exceptional performance. Its adjustable design allows you to fine-tune the length of pull, ensuring optimal comfort and control. By reducing recoil, it helps improve shooting accuracy and allows for faster follow-up shots.

Made from durable materials, this butt pad is built to withstand the demands of regular use. Its high-quality construction ensures long-lasting durability and reliability. Installing the butt pad is a breeze, requiring no special tools. Simply attach it to your AR15 rifle's adjustable stock and enjoy the benefits of reduced recoil.