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The vented "Cheese Grater" style handguard will help dissipate the heat generated during rapid semi-automatic firing, which will extend the life of your barrel and prolong accuracy. It is a direct replacement for your existing SKS upper forearm, and gives your rifle that sought-after updated look. This "All Steel" vented upper SKS handguard comes complete with one installation clip and the screw. Works on your Chinese SKS, and may fit several other varieties of the SKS rifle as well. This vented guard is 100% made in the USA and counts as one 922(r) compliance part.


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    With minor fitting fits and looks great!

    Posted by Michael Edward Murray on 17th Feb 2021

    Minor fitting needed to fit correctly without rattle and loose but when done right Looks and functions perfect!

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    Minor Fitting Required

    Posted by Joseph Timbang on 7th Jan 2021

    Had to file down the corners where the guard meets the metal retainers. But works great. 10/10 I'd reccomend.

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    Quality Control

    Posted by Michael Edward Murray on 24th Aug 2020

    All in all most come a little big and must file down at least one end to fit without wobble however there is also ones to small and they wobble some. Maybe a difference in each rifle as well. It is not much work and they look and feel great when properly fitted!

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    Vented handguard install

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Jul 2020

    The hand guard took a while to install on gas tube. Was not a perfect tight fit, so I added some shims and it worked out ok.

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    good product

    Posted by Jeremy gorski on 25th May 2020

    i only had to grind a little metal off to fit my type 56 sks gas tube. all in all i good add on to the ole sks.

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    Vented SKS Handguard

    Posted by Michael Edward Murray on 13th May 2020

    This Hand guard looks wonderful and is functional. Every one I have bought needs some small fitting work but easily manageable with small file. Also comes with compression bracket and installation rivet to complete Hand guard. When done is tight and functional and good looking!

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    Great Fitment. Installed in 10 minutes.

    Posted by Gage Daniels on 17th Nov 2019

    Even though it was supposedly over sized, it fit my Norinco with no filing required. Looks great and was easy to do. Only critique was the instruction sheet was a little fuzzy, like it was ran though a copy machine a few to many times. Thankfully You could still read it with some effort though. So not a huge issue. Also only one of those support springs seemed odd. I feel like 2 would have helped the fitment a lot. But once you find the right spot for the one it holds snug.

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    Easy to fit and looks great

    Posted by Solomon on 7th Oct 2019

    It took a few swipes from a file to go on my gas tube, but it went on easy enough. This is literally a 3/10 on the difficulty scale. Looks awesome on my Norinco Paratrooper. Oh, and there's supposed to be a gap between the handguard and stock.

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    Is not tall enought by about 1/8" each side length ok but "rolls" side to side

    Posted by Michael Edward Murray on 14th Jun 2019

    Looks Ok but also leaves large space between stock and product that is noticeable but barely adequate. Hope they stamp some bigger one on next batch that do not roll in mounts!