PolyTech Heavy Duty Sight Tool AK47 & SKS Rifle - AK Rifle

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This is one of the best AK sight adjustment tools on the market. The PolyTech heavy duty AK47 sight adjustment tool is carefully machined solid steel. The large threaded action allows the tool to move smoothly and precisely while adjusting your PolyTech AK-47 or SKS sights.

The long handle provides extra leverage while adjusting the stubborn or rusted AK47 front sights, and there is no need to worry about bending or breaking this tool. You can make very fine adjustments with ease! The set will allow you to adjust both the windage and elevation on all your Poly Technologies AKS-762, AK47/S Legend Series, and SKS rifles. This tool will also fit a large variety of other AK and SKS variants as well.