PolyTech Chinese SKS Disconnector

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Upgrade the performance of your Chinese SKS rifle with the PolyTech Chinese SKS Disconnector. Expertly designed and crafted with precision, this essential component enhances the functionality and reliability of your firearm, ensuring a smooth and consistent shooting experience.

The PolyTech Chinese SKS Disconnector is specifically engineered to fit Chinese SKS rifles, providing a perfect compatibility and seamless integration. With its high-quality construction, it delivers exceptional durability and long-lasting performance, even under demanding conditions.

This disconnector plays a vital role in the operation of your SKS rifle, ensuring proper timing and control of the firing mechanism. It enables the disconnection of the hammer and sear, allowing for precise and reliable trigger reset and preventing accidental discharges.

Installation is quick and straightforward, and it seamlessly incorporates the disconnector into your Chinese SKS rifle. Experience the improved shooting performance it offers.