M1 Garand cotton web sling, khaki tan - WW2 Period correct

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New production, adjustable military sling gives the correct period look to M1 Garand and M14-style rifles. The M1907 leather sling was used from before World War II and was still being used during the Korean War. This M1 style web sling was used from approximately 1944 on. It is still one of the most practical and economical sling designs for carrying your rifle. M1 Garand sling is made from heavy cotton webbing and fits 1¼" swivels. This type of sling was also issued with early production M14 rifles. M14/M1A sling is made from long-wearing nylon; fits 1¼" swivels.


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    Looks just like the original

    Posted by Dada on 31st Jan 2021

    Looks just like the original