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Upgrade your Chinese AK rifle with the AK47 Upper Handguard in sleek black plastic, specifically designed to fit PolyTech models. This high-quality handguard not only enhances the aesthetics of your rifle but also offers improved functionality and durability.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the AK47 Upper Handguard is designed to seamlessly integrate with your Chinese AK, ensuring a perfect fit and reliable performance. Its rugged construction guarantees long-lasting durability, allowing you to confidently handle your rifle in various shooting conditions.

The black plastic material not only adds a touch of modern sophistication to your AK, but it also provides a comfortable grip and protects your hand from excessive heat during prolonged shooting sessions. Its lightweight design ensures that your rifle remains maneuverable without sacrificing stability.

Installing the AK47 Upper Handguard is a breeze. Simply remove the existing handguard and replace it with this upgraded version. The secure fit ensures that the handguard remains firmly in place, eliminating any unwanted movement or rattling.

Designed for the discerning shooter, the AK47 Upper Handguard combines functionality, style, and reliability. Whether you're an avid sports shooter or a seasoned professional, this handguard is sure to meet your expectations.


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    Black upper Handguard

    Posted by Mike on 26th Nov 2015

    Very Tight Fit, no problems.