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Upgrade your Chinese AK rifle with the AK47 PolyTech Complete Bolt Fully Assembled. Engineered to deliver exceptional reliability and performance, this fully assembled bolt is designed specifically for Chinese AK rifles, ensuring seamless compatibility and optimal functionality.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the AK47 PolyTech Complete Bolt offers a hassle-free solution for replacing or upgrading your existing bolt. With all the necessary components meticulously assembled, including the firing pin, extractor, and other essential parts, this complete bolt saves you time and effort during installation.

PolyTech, a trusted name in the industry, has a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality firearm components. Each AK47 PolyTech Complete Bolt is manufactured to the highest standards, undergoes rigorous testing, and meets strict quality control measures to ensure reliability and longevity.

By investing in the AK47 PolyTech Complete Bolt, you can enhance the performance and functionality of your Chinese AK rifle. Experience smoother cycling, improved reliability, and consistent feeding, resulting in enhanced shooting experiences.

Installing the AK47 PolyTech Complete Bolt is a straightforward process. Simply remove your existing bolt and replace it with this fully assembled unit. The precise fit and durable construction ensure a secure and reliable connection, allowing you to focus on your shooting without worrying about malfunctions.

Unlock the full potential of your Chinese AK rifle with the AK47 PolyTech Complete Bolt Fully Assembled. Upgrade your firearm with confidence, knowing that you're equipping it with a top-quality bolt from PolyTech. Take your shooting to the next level with enhanced reliability and performance.


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    Credible company

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Feb 2018

    I found the product as advertised and in serviceable condition. All items as advertised and prompt delivery. No complaints

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    Surprisingly it worked!

    Posted by Chuck on 7th Feb 2015

    The bolt in my MAK90 had failed me catastrophically, the ammo had literally crushed my firing pin inside my bolt and bent the retention pins so I couldn't take the bolt apart. I knew that the MAK90 was specific in design and its parts so I bought the assembled bolt. When it arrived I instantly noticed the new bolt was a longer, spring-loaded assembly. My original bolt is shorter and has a free floating pin and I began to worry the new bolt wouldn't fit. I dropped it in my bolt carrier/gas piston and took it out for a test drive. Sure enough she fired beautifully, if not better with the new bolt. The hammer strikes the spring loaded firing pin even cleaner than the original bolt! Very pleased with my purchase!