AK47 Barrel Cleaning Patch Jag 7.62 - Chinese PolyTech AK Rifle

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The Poly Technologies patch jag is a slightly smaller than the bore of your 7.62 AK47 rifle. The cleaning patch is placed over the jag and inserted into the bore of your firearm. When you put the patch over the jag, this makes the tool almost the exact size of your 7.62 x 39 bore. When you run the two through your barrel it makes better contact with the lands and grooves of the firearm rifling. It quickly and efficiently removes any fouling and grime left over from your 7.62 ammunition. A fitted AK-47 jag reduces the number of trips a patch must take down the bore of the rifle, and it reduces the amount of time scrubbing with a bore brush. To properly clean your AK-47 rifle investment you will need a patch jag. Some jags are smooth and only allow you to push the patch through the rifle one way. Our PolyTech jag includes ribs to allow you to push and pull the patch through the rifle. The patch jag helps protect the lands and grooves of the rifle, and will help extend the life of your AK-47.